What To Do If You Are Struggling To Reach Your Goals?

Recently, I shared with you three things you should know about living a balanced and healthy lifestyle; it’s not about perfection, don’t live with regret, and do what makes you feel good and happy.  These three things always hold true in my mind.  These three concepts are great, but what do you do if you are trying to reach a weight loss goal, overcome a health issue or reach a fitness goal?  Is it still okay to eat the cake and skip your workout?

Sometimes you need to be strict with yourself, follow your nutrition plan and follow your exercise plan as they are laid out.  This may mean not allowing yourself to have a treat, a drink, or skip workouts for a period.  What is important to keep in mind is whether reaching your goal will make you happy, will you regret not reaching your goal or will you regret doing something that prevents you from reaching your goal?  You need to decide what is more important to you, nobody else can make this decision for you.

What can you do if you are struggling to reach your health-related goals?  If you have health-related goals you need to make a commitment to stick to your specific plan until you reach your goal.  Whether it is a weight loss goal, fitness achievement goal, overcoming a health issue such as an autoimmune condition or another health-related goal, it’s up to you to stick with it.  How can you stick to it and stay on track?  I recommend sitting down and laying out what your plan looks like and how you are going to reach your goals.  It can be helpful to work with a professional, many of my clients are not sure where to start when creating a nutrition or fitness plan that is specific to their needs.  Remember, there is no one size fits all plan.  This is where I come in, create a personalized plan and provide support.  It is also important to have a support system, which can be from the professional you decide to work with such as a nutritionist, personal trainer, or life coach.  It could be a friend that is supportive of you and your goals or you could join a group of like-minded individuals.  A good support system is important.  You want to surround yourself with people who encourage you. You should avoid negativity at all costs.  Once you have a plan and a good support system find a way to reward yourself when you reach smaller goals as you work toward your ultimate goal.  The rewards should be positive and allow you to stay on track.  For example, when my weight loss clients reach a goal they do not reward themselves with a goal sabotaging treat, such as cake and ice cream.  They find alternative rewards such as a new clothing item or a spa treatment, something that keeps them on track to reaching their main goal.

Ultimately it is up to you to decide how important your goal is to you.  If reaching your goal is a priority then it is important that you stick to your specific plan, find support and reward yourself appropriately.  If you are ready to work toward your goal and are not sure where to start, I can help you.  I have openings for nutritional therapy clients, personal training clients and have a 21 Day Sugar Detox Group starting in September.  I work with both local and distance clients.  It is time to reach your health goals!

Be Well,

Jamey, NTP, CPT

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