The Many Names of Sugar

Sugar intake is on the rise, the average American consumes approximately 130 pounds of added sugars a year! 130 pounds, that is a lot, it breaks down to approximately 31 teaspoons of sugar a day! All this sugar, which is commonly hidden in our foods is wreaking havoc on our bodies. Consuming too much added sugar has been linked to many health problems including diabetes, obesity, cancer, dementia, chronic inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. Sugar is highly addictive. Often times you are not even aware you are eating it because it is hidden in the food you are eating which makes the “habit” hard to quit!

You might not see “sugar” on the food ingredients list but that does not guarantee anything. There are so many names for sugar and sugar substances today. All of these substitutes and different names for sugar affect us in the same way as refined sugar does. So, what are some of the many names to look for when trying to avoid added sugars?

1.       Barley malt 2.       Sorghum syrup
3.       Dehydrated cane juice 4.       Corn syrup solids
5.       Golden sugar 6.       Fruit juice
7.       Molasses 8.       Maltodextrin
9.       Barbados sugar 10.   Sucrose
11.   Demerara sugar 12.   Confectioner’s sugar
13.   Golden syrup 14.   Fruit juice concentrate
15.   Muscovado 16.   Maltose (sugar derived from grains)
17.   Beet sugar 18.   Sugar (granulated)
19.   Dextran 20.   Carob syrup
21.   Grape sugar 22.   Galactose
23.   Panocha 24.   Malt syrup
25.   Brown sugar 26.   Treacle
27.   Dextrose 28.   Castor sugar
29.   High fructose corn syrup 30.   Glucose
31.   Powdered sugar 32.   Mannitol
33.   Buttered syrup 34.   Turbinado sugar
35.   Diastatic malt 36.   Date sugar
37.   Honey 38.   Glucose solids
39.   Raw sugar 40.   Maple syrup
41.   Cane juice 42.   Yellow sugar
43.   Diatase 44.   Corn Sweetener
45.   Icing sugar 46.   Carbitol
47.   Refiner’s syrup 48.   Dyglycerides
49.   Cane sugar 50.   Dysaccharides
51.   Ethyl maltol 52.   Erythritol
53.   Invert sugar 54.   Frugtooligosaccarides
55.   Rice syrup 56.   Galctose
57.   Caramel 58.   Nectars
59.   Brown sugars 60.   Malted barley
61.   Lactose (milk sugar) 62.   Sorbitol
63.   Sorbitol 64.   Sorghum
65.   Corn syrup 66.   Xylitol
67.   Fructose (from fruits and vegetables) 68.   Maltodextrin
69.   Malt 70.   Glucoamine

I challenge you to become more aware of the added sugars you are consuming. Don’t let this list overwhelm you. Start familiarizing yourself with some of these names and a good rule is to look for words that end in “ose” or the words “syrup”. Start questioning the ingredients on the label that you don’t know. The more aware you are the easier it will be to cut down on how much sugar you eat.

Be Well,

Jamey, NTP, CPT

It is official! I am now a Certified 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach! I will be sharing more information soon on what this means for all of you.  I will be providing additional details and dates for my first 21 Day Sugar Detox groups very soon.  I will be offering both local and online groups! I can’t wait to guide you through this awesome program.


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