5 Convincing Reasons To Quit Sugar

Is sugar really that bad for you?  For years’ fat was demonized and the craze was no-fat/low-fat.  Now it seems that sugar has become the new devil.  Should you believe what you are hearing?  Is it time to kick sugar to the curb like you did so many years ago with fat?  My answer is Read more about 5 Convincing Reasons To Quit Sugar[…]

The Nutritional Implication of Medications

Are the prescription medications or over the counter medications you are taking depleting you of vital nutrients? Have you ever asked your Doctor what nutritional implications your medications may have? No? Most people wouldn’t. I would assume that the doctor would provide you with this information and some might, so you would be informed of Read more about The Nutritional Implication of Medications[…]

Identifying Food Sensitivities With Coca’s Pulse Test

Identifying a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity can take time and/or cost a lot of money.  One of the most effective ways to identify an intolerance or sensitivity is to do an elimination diet, but this method can take several months.  There are different food allergy tests on the market too, but these tests are Read more about Identifying Food Sensitivities With Coca’s Pulse Test[…]

The Many Names of Sugar

Sugar intake is on the rise, the average American consumes approximately 130 pounds of added sugars a year! 130 pounds, that is a lot, it breaks down to approximately 31 teaspoons of sugar a day! All this sugar, which is commonly hidden in our foods is wreaking havoc on our bodies. Consuming too much added Read more about The Many Names of Sugar[…]

Tips for Reading Food Labels and Checking Ingredients

When making food choices and trying to eat a healthy, nutrient dense diet one of the most important things you need to know and start doing is reading labels and checking ingredients. It goes beyond looking at the front of the box and seeing deceiving words like natural, organic, heart healthy, whole grain, low sugar, Read more about Tips for Reading Food Labels and Checking Ingredients[…]

Two powerful tools: accountability & community.

ACCOUNTABILITY & COMMUNITY Accountability– the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility Community- a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing a common attitudes, interests and goals. Accountability, we all need it!  We need it for any goal that we set for ourselves, whether nutrition and fitness related or not.  We need Read more about Two powerful tools: accountability & community.[…]

Don’t let the holiday weekend keep you from reaching your health goals.

Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, including an extended three day weekend, with celebrations often times including unhealthy foods and alcoholic beverages. Holiday weekends can make it more difficult to stick with your nutrition plan and exercise program. Do not let this holiday weekend set the tone for the rest of the summer. Read more about Don’t let the holiday weekend keep you from reaching your health goals.[…]

Nutritional Detoxification

  Many of us have tried a detox or know somebody who has tried a one or is doing one now.  There are tons of ads selling us the latest “detox” to help us lose weight or kick start our health journey.  Nutritional Detoxifications are not new and many detox techniques have been used for Read more about Nutritional Detoxification[…]

5 Tips to Help Relieve Seasonal Allergies

Are you one of the millions of Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies or what is also referred to as Hay Fever?  If you don’t suffer from this I am sure you know somebody who is feeling miserable because of seasonal allergies.  Those who suffer are the people walking around with stuffed up heads, red Read more about 5 Tips to Help Relieve Seasonal Allergies[…]

Ditch the Sugary and Processed Snacks!

Are the items in your pantry keeping you from reaching your health goals?  Do you find yourself wondering why you cannot lose those last 5 to 10 pounds?  Ever wonder why you are always craving sugar or find yourself snacking?   Do you find yourself getting tired in the afternoon and wonder why?  You are most Read more about Ditch the Sugary and Processed Snacks![…]