How To Live A Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle: 3 Things you should know.

As a nutritional therapy practitioner, certified personal trainer and health and wellness coach my goal is to help individuals and communities learn to live balanced healthy lifestyles.  Health and wellness is something that I have been interested in for as long as I can remember.  I also have a strong desire to help people, and watch them succeed.  Here are three things I think you should know about living a balanced and healthy lifestyle;

  1. It is not about perfection
  2. You cannot live with regret
  3. Do what makes you feel good and makes you happy

Did you think I was going to tell you that to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle you need to eat right and exercise?  Of course, I believe both are important along with many other factors when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.  The three things I stated above overarch all of the other factors including eating right and exercising, which are the main areas I am going to address.

If you are striving for perfection you will live with regret.  Perfection is not attainable and if you are living with regret you will not feel good about yourself.  See how that works?

It is important to be able to enjoy yourself and not always worry about trying to be perfect.  Yes, I believe you need to find a nutrition plan that works for you.  Whether that is gluten free, dairy free, paleo, paleo-ish, primal, keto, high fat low carb, you get the idea.  It is also important to find your nutrition plan.  Remember what works for your neighbor, best friend or a random person you follow on Instagram might not work for you.  When you find a plan that works for you, don’t destroy yourself if you decide to not follow it 100%.  Even if you eat an off plan meal, have an off plan day or even longer, do not let that deter you from your goal.  Finding an exercise program that you enjoy is also important.  You might enjoy weight lifting, endurance training, boot-camp, cross-fit, or something else.  Make sure you are being active and enjoy what you do or you won’t want to do it and you will most likely not stick with it.

Next, do not regret eating a piece of cake at a wedding or going to happy hour with friends.  This will only lead to you feeling regret for missing out on the opportunity to make memories and enjoying special occasions.  If you are too afraid of what a slice of cake or a drink will do to your health you will not find time to be happy.  In the grand scheme of things, a slice of cake or a drink will not have much of an impact on your overall health.  Do not regret skipping a workout, taking a few days off from the gym or taking an extra-rest day.  What you will regret is not listening to what your body needs, risking injury and feeling run down just so you could say you worked out 7 days this week.

Finally, just do what makes you happy.  Of course, I encourage you to live a balanced healthy lifestyle, which is different for everyone.  I encourage you to find a nutrition plan that suits you and an exercise program that works for you, but most of all find what makes you feel good and creates happiness in your life.  No, I did not just give you permission to eat whatever you want or become a couch potato!

Be Well,

Jamey, NTP, CPT


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