Don’t let the holiday weekend keep you from reaching your health goals.

Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, including an extended three day weekend, with celebrations often times including unhealthy foods and alcoholic beverages. Holiday weekends can make it more difficult to stick with your nutrition plan and exercise program. Do not let this holiday weekend set the tone for the rest of the summer. Make this summer an active, healthy summer.

Remember that proper nutrition is a lifestyle, not a diet. Making healthy choices and enjoying yourself in moderation is key to optimal wellness. I repeat, do not let this weekend throw you off track.
Here are a couple of tips to help you stay on track over the holiday weekend.

• Try to fit your exercise in before the celebrations. If you wait, it most likely will be neglected.

• Plan ahead. If you are going to a party bring a couple healthy snacks to share.

• Have a small snack before you go so you are not starving and tempted by unhealthy snacks.

• Limit your alcohol consumption and always drink plenty of water (read more here).

• Treat yourself to a few small indulgences, but keep it to a minimum.

• Stay busy. Mingle with friends, play an activity or help out in the kitchen.

It is important to remember to be mindful of your actions. If you make a poor choice move on, don’t let the decision derail you completely and keep you from reaching goals. Do not punish yourself later in the gym or by restricting foods later. Do your best to stay on track and enjoy yourself over the holiday weekend.

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