Breakfast. Dinner. Who has time for meals?!

Quick and Easy Meal Ideas.

I often hear people say they do not have time for breakfast.  I also hear so many people say they are too busy to make healthy dinners at home.

There are two things I recommend to people when they do not have time for breakfast:  1. Wake up earlier so you have time and 2. You do not have to make an omelet with hash browns, sausage and toast every morning, keep it simple.  Here are three quick breakfast ideas.

  1. Egg muffin cups.
  2. Hard boiled eggs with sweet potato toast.
  3. Make ahead breakfast Casserole.

When people say that they are too busy to make healthy meals at home every day, I understand, I am a busy mom of two boy with limited time too.  I don’t want to nor do I have the time to spend hours in the kitchen every night cooking dinner.  Here are five quick dinners you can make with very little effort.

  1. Bunless burgers with all the fixings and oven fires
  2. Chicken or pork sausages with peppers and onions
  3. Ground turkey with spaghetti squash and marinara sauce
  4. One pan chicken and roasted vegetables
  5. Steak or chicken fajitas

I do not typically follow recipes and tend to just pick the foods I am going to use and cook it up quickly.  Click on the breakfast and dinner ideas and you will find simple recipes if you feel more confident with following one.  Do not overcomplicate your food choices.  Keep it simple, pick a meat, pick a vegetable, cook it in some fat and you have a meal.

A few additional tips:

  1. Prep ahead of time. Read about meal prep here
  2. Look for already prepared items, i.e. already diced/chopped/spiralized or frozen vegetables and pre-made burgers

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