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Nutrition. Fitness. Coaching.


Busy wife, mom, entrepreneur, student and so much more with a passion for nutrition and fitness.
I can relate to you and the challenges that present themselves to the everyday life.
Together let’s start your new lifestyle.
Create a nutrition plan for you. Create a fitness program for you. Start your healthy lifestyle and get you results that stick.
This is how I will help you:
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There is no one size fits all nutrition plan.
Using real food I help you bring balance back to your body and life. Together we will find a plan that fits your personal needs.

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Many times individuals get overwhelmed trying to find a fitness program that works for them and they give up before they get results. I will find an exercise program to fit your needs and will get you results.

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I offer a variety of coaching services. I will customize a nutrition plan and/or fitness plan that fits your needs and budget. Click here for free 15 minute consultation.


Empowering Individuals through nutrition to have endless energy for work & play.


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Jamey is a fantastic coach! I love that she is so active and involved with her clients, even if they're in another state! She does a great job communicating daily and makes sure to answer any and all questions you may have regarding nutrition and fitness. Without her I would not have been as successful as I was on the 21 Day Fix! She held me accountable and encouraged me so much along the way! It is clearly evident that Jamey has a passion for fitness and nutrition and will do everything she can to see to it that her clients reach their goals and succeed!!!

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I started using the 21 day fix after I had my third child. I needed something to help me jump start my weight loss and it was awesome. I typically hate working out inside but the videos were fun and quick. I adjusted the eating program accordingly because I was nursing and I still lost 12 pounds in three weeks! Now that I am back to my pre-baby weight, I still see immediate results not in pounds but in inches and definition. The eating program is so easy to follow once you get the hang of it that I incorporate it daily for my whole family! What other program gives you almost immediate and lasting results?? Thanks Jamey for introducing me to the 21 day fix and being a great coach!

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